musing on the analytics game and the story so far…

Mashup of the week has to go to Life & Times of A Phillipine Gamer who has managed to get Legend of the Five Rings in Spaaace! It sounds very cool, I imagine a little Dark Heresy influence on the setting and that for me is not a problem as it’s reminiscent of David Wingrove’s Chung Kuo series.

Of particular interest was the analysis of interest in RPGs using Google stats by The Core Mechanic. It suggests a steady state of interest in RPGs generally but a gradual decline in interest in 4th edition D&D presumably propped up by new releases and blogospherics. Computer-based RPGs may influence the stats as well in my view but specificity and deep analysis is going to take time…

Having recently stepped into the analytics game (thanks to Google and Chris at 6d6Fireball) it’s persuaded me to try and get more blog posts out as there are definite peaks & troughs involved (the power of RSS compels you!) when I put something new out. That and I’m fascinated by some of the places my blog has been read in which leads me to my next question.

The metrics tell me you like the 4E posts as well as the recession-proof gaming and web 2.0/free software posts as well as some of the writing and plotting posts; so I will be doing a few more of these. However I also know metrics don’t always tell the whole story so if you want to see something more to your tastes let me know…


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